Monday, June 18, 2012

You Are The Most Kind, Gentle Teacher That Your Children Will Ever Have

A prime motive for discipline is this: You are the most kind, gentle teacher that your children will ever have. Never again will they be taught how to get along in life by anyone who has so much love for them. If you don't discipline now, for whatever reason - because you feel guilty or too strict, or are afraid of doing something "wrong," or you think it's just easier to let them go - then who will ultimately discipline your children? The world. And the world is not a kind or gentle place to learn lessons. If a parent doesn't teach qualities such as self-control, respect for others, consideration, and ability to follow rules, then the teaching task is thrust upon others: a teacher, employer, landlord, army sergeant, police officer, judge. Who of these has the emotional attachment to your child that you do? Who will forgive and forget as many times as you will? - Dr. Ray Guarendi