Thursday, January 6, 2011

There is no Middle Class in a Socialist Society

The GOP represents the middle class more than the Democrats. In a socialist society, there is NO MIDDLE CLASS! There are those who have and those who have not. The more we depend on the government, the less innovation...with no potential of reward, what's the point?

Look at every socialist/communist nation from history and current...Cuba? China? Russia? Any of them have a thriving middle class? NO. Just people who work for the government and the you see the same quality of life that we have here? NO....not even in, we have a strip mall on every corner, restaurants, malls, services, husband is from Canada and when we go to visit his mom in Winnipeg...a HUGE city, there is hardly a place to go get a bite to eat's a nice city and there are restaurants and shopping, but it's all in the affluent neighborhood...the rest of the city is hit or miss. Nothing like here.

Don't get me started....I've been poor, I've been on welfare...I've worked and we have a little bit, the government doesn't want us to keep's pitiful! Think I'll go back on welfare and fire the people in office. - Christina Molander Pasterz