Monday, May 12, 2014

Make The Treasures And The Glory Of Heaven The End Of All Your Efforts

If your heart craves joy, raise it to the contemplation of that Good which contains in Itself all joys.  If you are in love with this created life, consider the eternal life which awaits you above.  If the beauty of creatures attracts you, live that you may one day possess the Source of all beauty, in whom are life, and strength, and glory, and immortality, and the fullness of all our desires.  If you find happiness in friendship and the society of generous hearts, consider the noble beings with whom you will be united by the tenderest ties for all eternity.  If your ambition seeks wealth and honors, make the treasures and the glory of Heaven the end of all your efforts.  Finally, if you desire freedom from all evil and rest from all labor, in Heaven alone can your desires be gratified.  – The Sinner’s Guide (Chapter 9, Paragraph 21)