Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lay A Successful Siege Against The World's Many Barricaded Hearts - Breaching Their Walls With Love

The Pharisees were unbelieving. They didn’t want to believe in a Messiah that didn’t fit their pre-conceived ideas, and so they found ways to justify their resistance – if Jesus drives out demons, he must be possessed by a stronger demon, that’s all. Imagine how Christ’s heart reacted to those accusations, such stubborn resistance to his grace. Imagine how it reacts to the disbelief of so many people who refuse to see the signs of his love and truth in the world today.

When a friend is in pain, you do whatever you can to comfort him. Christians can comfort Christ by keeping their own faith fresh and, above all, by living a real, practical, and universal Christian charity. That’s the only way to lay a successful siege against the world’s many barricaded hearts – breaching their walls with love, so the gift of faith can come streaming in. - Fr. Bartunek