Monday, July 4, 2011

The Supreme Court Cannot Give Us The Right To Do Wrong

There is no such thing as a right to take an innocent human life. The Supreme Court cannot give us the right to do wrong. There is no such thing as 'the right to abortion.' It is a legal fiction. To talk about same-sex marriage is to talk about dry water. Because same-sex contradicts the nature of marriage, just as dry contradicts the nature of water. Dry water is an oxy-moron. It is a non-existent thing. Same-sex marriage does not exist. The Church is not swayed by politics or by popular opinion. She sees reality. She sees the truth. The Church gives us a clear vision of the mind of Christ. And this is really what the Gospel speaks of, "the wisdom that God has hidden from the learned and the clever but revealed to his merest children." The learned and the clever were the people who went to school, the scribes, the pharisees. The virtue of wisdom allows a young adult to be wiser than the majority of justices on the Supreme Court. - Fr. Tito