Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ron Paul is a complete idiot. He does NOT understand the way the world works! We have only two choices: fight our enemies where they live or fight them here when they come to America and start blowing up our shopping malls and churches and sports stadiums. And they WILL come here!

The Constitution obligates our Government to "provide for the common defense." It does NOT say "provide for the common defense by sitting at home waiting to be attacked." The words of the Constitution demand the best possible defense of our citizens, the one which prevents their deaths at the hands of our enemies.

Waiting here to be attacked DOES NOT LIVE UP TO THE CONSTITUTION no matter what Ron Paul and his loonie supporters would have us believe!

And, no, the Islamic world does NOT hate us for our support of Israel! The Muslims have been trying to conquer the Judeo-Christian world since 711 when they first invaded Cordoba in modern day Spain. Their war on the West has been all but non-stop for 1,300 years, of which only 63 included the existence of Israel.

If we pull out of the world, if we abandon Israel, the war with Islam will only get worse and more destructive for us.

Ron Paul is a foreign policy imbecile who has neither understanding of nor respect for the Constitution. He simply gives the Constitution lip service in order to pander to the patchwork of fringe elements which make up his base of support. - Imre Beke