Thursday, May 19, 2011

We As A Culture Have Unburdened Ourselves Of All Standards Of Sexual Morality

Sex before marriage is not new to our time, but what is new is that in the last fifty years or so, beginning with the sexual revolution of the 1960s, we as a culture have slowly unburdened ourselves of a high standard, or really any standard, when it comes to sexual morality. In 1955, a young woman having sex with her boyfriend, though not unheard of, was considered far from ideal. Today, there is no ideal, and the fact that teenagers will have sex with each other is par for the course – as are teen pregnancy, abortion, single motherhood, the welfare state, and juvenile delinquency. Coincidence? No.

Planned Parenthood delights in the death of sexual standards…. Why? Because a young woman who says ‘yes’ to sex before she’s ready could one day be a young woman who says ‘yes’ to an abortion, allowing PP to continue their intended mission: ridding the world of ‘human weeds.’

And my, how the money rolls in. - Kristen Walker, author of Eve’s Ransom blog