Friday, December 31, 2010

Without Silence, We Simply Cannot Hear What He so Desperately Wants to Avail to the Human Soul

Drowning and suffering in the noise is one of the many impediments to grace and interior peace, within the noise of life. And sometimes the 'noise' knows no audible sound but will plague your mind with a rendundant echo that pushes many to the edge of madness. Once the soul has been prepared and thus been nourished by silence, contemplatively speaking, the tranquility becomes a vital 'daily bread.' I am absolutely convinced that without silence, we simply cannot hear what He so desperately wants to avail to the human soul; which most importantly is more of Him. We can prattle in our thoughts without ever uttering a syllable. The greatest way to still one's self preparing for the silence that awaits, is to sit regularly before the exposed Presence of Him in the monstrance. Go to adoration, frequently and regularly, but turn off the phone, and leave the rosary beads, prayer cards, and books at home. Just you and Him. Let Him decorate your soul with silence. He can still an unquiet heart and mind. - Amy Ivsan